Classic Aperture

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Same thing happened when I stopped played Dark Cloud 2.

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yo the simpsons be droppin truth bombs 

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Before we enter the new year, here’s a top 10 of the pics on the blog this year. (Ranked in order of most notes)

1. Characters: Batman & Robin Series: DC Comics Photographer: Andrew Browne Cosplayers: Unknown

2. Character: Super Girl Series: DC Comics/ Infinite Crisis MultiUniverse Photographer: Cory Nellon Cosplayer: T. Jakeru Frost

3. Characters: Wonder Woman Series: DC Comics Photographer: Unknown Cosplayers: Unknown

4. Characters: Lumpy Space Princess, Princess Bubblegum, & Marceline Series: Adventure Time Photographer: Andrew Browne Cosplayers:Alica FordeKarissa Harte and Crystal Derrell

5. Characters: Poca-han-solo & Anakin-Rapunzel Series: Star Wars/Pocahontas/Tangled Photographer: Sarah Guichard Cosplayers: Jennifer and Aleu Moana

6. Character: Korra Series: Legend of Korra Photographer: Ken AD Cosplayer: Luigigurl

7. Character: Rule 63! Garterbelt Series: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Photographer:Teknoman Omega Cosplayer: Professor Rocket

8. Character: Audrey Ramirez Series: Atlantis: Lost Empire Photographer: Jamila Clarke Cosplayer: BlackBettie

9. Character: Inspector Gadget Series: Inspector Gadget Photographer: Ricardo X. Toombs Cosplayer: Unknown

10. Charater Nordic Carved Armor Series: Skyrim Photographer: Fev Studios Cosplayer: Fevereon

(If you have any sources for the unkown cosplayers/photographers please PM me. 

The rank only include pics that were uploaded and submitted to this blog. (No reblogs from other blogs were counted)

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be cool dude

this is important

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what the hell am i even doing

omg they’re so cute…

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drik gef off the goddnam whatever the fucj that is

My favorite part was when he shouted “I’m looking for Jake”

isn’t this the same dirk that was doing backflips in the lobby the first day?

I think that was the dirk that did a flip over me in the middle of the street….

i think that IS dirk

Well fuck.

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Nonon Jakuzure in Kill la Kill : Episode 14

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Seriously tho…

No seriously i will do this shit. I’m a goofy person and just accept that shit.

I will just accept it.

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You want to say Hi to the cute girl on the subway. How will she react? Fortunately, I can tell you with some certainty, because she’s already sending messages to you. Looking out the window, reading a book, working on a computer, arms folded across chest, body away from you = do not disturb. So, y’know, don’t disturb her. Really. Even to say that you like her hair, shoes, or book. A compliment is not always a reason for women to smile and say thank you. You are a threat, remember? You are Schrödinger’s Rapist. Don’t assume that whatever you have to say will win her over with charm or flattery. Believe what she’s signaling, and back off.

If you speak, and she responds in a monosyllabic way without looking at you, she’s saying, “I don’t want to be rude, but please leave me alone.” You don’t know why. It could be “Please leave me alone because I am trying to memorize Beowulf.” It could be “Please leave me alone because you are a scary, scary man with breath like a water buffalo.” It could be “Please leave me alone because I am planning my assassination of a major geopolitical figure and I will have to kill you if you are able to recognize me and blow my cover.”

On the other hand, if she is turned towards you, making eye contact, and she responds in a friendly and talkative manner when you speak to her, you are getting a green light. You can continue the conversation until you start getting signals to back off.

The fourth point: If you fail to respect what women say, you label yourself a problem.

There’s a man with whom I went out on a single date—afternoon coffee, for one hour by the clock—on July 25th. In the two days after the date, he sent me about fifteen e-mails, scolding me for non-responsiveness. I e-mailed him back, saying, “Look, this is a disproportionate response to a single date. You are making me uncomfortable. Do not contact me again.” It is now October 7th. Does he still e-mail?

Yeah. He does. About every two weeks.

This man scores higher on the threat level scale than Man with the Cockroach Tattoos. (Who, after all, is guilty of nothing more than terrifying bad taste.) You see, Mr. E-mail has made it clear that he ignores what I say when he wants something from me. Now, I don’t know if he is an actual rapist, and I sincerely hope he’s not. But he is certainly Schrödinger’s Rapist, and this particular Schrödinger’s Rapist has a probability ratio greater than one in sixty. Because a man who ignores a woman’s NO in a non-sexual setting is more likely to ignore NO in a sexual setting, as well.

So if you speak to a woman who is otherwise occupied, you’re sending a subtle message. It is that your desire to interact trumps her right to be left alone. If you pursue a conversation when she’s tried to cut it off, you send a message. It is that your desire to speak trumps her right to be left alone. And each of those messages indicates that you believe your desires are a legitimate reason to override her rights.

For women, who are watching you very closely to determine how much of a threat you are, this is an important piece of data.

~ an excerpt from Phaedra Starling’s “Schrödinger’s Rapist: or a guy’s guide to approaching strange women without being maced” (via lostgrrrls)

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Mega Blissey

Normal / Ghost

Ability: Eternal Bliss* (All residual damage will heal the amount of HP it would normally cause in damage. Any poison damage will only heal 1/8 of its maximum HP)


Artist: HallowDew

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We can’t be the only planet with a Scotland.

Scientific fact: EVERY planet has a Scotland.

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Man Appalled At Date Who Lied Slightly More Than Him On Online Dating Profile

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Why is it so hard for media to say that bisexual characters are bisexual. 

It’s always “fluid” or “confused” or whatever, like. 

Just say it. It’s one little word. “Bisexual.” You can do it, come on, I believe in you. 

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Peter Dinklage on The Late Show with David Letterman [x]

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